august, 2021

28aug4:00 pm【SAT·AUG·28th】米氏论坛 #thefutureof [Endangered Species]


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Saturday, August 28th, 4pm

#thefutureof [Endangered Species]

M Glam invites you to join in a smart, fun, and thought provoking conversation about #thefutureof [Endangered Species], with the renowned young explorer, conservationist and photographer Binbin Li.

One of only 21 women named among the most inspiring explorers in the world by New York’s Explorers Club, Binbin Li is a passionate young scientist whose stunning photography of the world’s most endangered species is inspiring a new generation of conservationists in China and across the world. Through her more than 400,000 followers on social media, Binbin actively promotes science communication and nature education, and empowers young women to participate in scientific research and conservation work.

“I feel like I am raising an army, the future generation to guard our Earth. By providing opportunities to recruit people for research and field studies, I engage young people, especially women, in conservation work. This offers them confidence. Creating a connection between nature and our hearts can connect the fate of biodiversity with our next generation.”

Li Binbin for The Explorers Club


In our conversation with Binbin we will discuss important questions that will shape our future together on our shared planetary home. How is the rapidly rising demand for meat actively threatening the habitat of pandas and other endangered species? How can we develop a more sustainable form of agriculture that enhances rather than threatens biodiversity? What is the link between COVID and biodiversity, and how can biodiversity conservation help prevent future pandemics? How can the marriage of science and art through photography and storytelling help to motivate positive behavioral change among the wider public?

Join us on Saturday August 27 from 4-6 pm at M Glam. Be awed by Binbin’s photography, be inspired by her passion for science, and discuss together what we can do to build a more equitable and sustainable life for future generations on our shared planetary home.


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Binbin Li is Assistant Professor of Environmental Science at Duke Kunshan University. She holds a BA from Peking University, an MS from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment. Her research focuses on priority setting in large scale, protected areas, conservation of wildlife in developing countries, biodiversity responses to management practices, ecosystem services, impacts of invasive species and feral animals. Her work is published in major scientific journals including Conservation Biology, Oikos, Science Advances and Biological Conservation.

#thefutureof is a project founded by Shanghai community leaders in partnership with Duke Kunshan University. Our aim is to deepen our collective insight into trends that are defining our future ways of life. Engaging technology, industry, arts and culture the project collaborators are curating a series of monthly conversations in Shanghai facilitated by topical experts and inspirational leaders.

The future truly lies in our hands. We invite you to join us in the comfortable surroundings of our lovely Glam to join in our discussions, exchange ideas, and build the future that we seek together.

Michelle Garnaut AO – Founder of M on the Bund & M Glam, Shanghai International Literary Festival (SILF), Mentor Walks (Beijing & Shanghai), M Talks China, M Literary Residency, Crystal Chamber Music.

James Miller – Co-director of the Humanities Research Center, Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary Strategy, and Professor at Duke Kunshan University (DKU).

O Koo – Investor and Entrepreneur. O has invested, co-founded and sold multiple tech startups, published a white paper for the UNFCCC CDM for emission reduction on lighting technologies, and more recently launched a Chinese wine brand, Harmene Wines, in China. O started his career with Merrill Lynch, and held management roles in GE and Dow Chemical.

Kimberly Wong – Entrepreneur and community builder. She believes in creating positive systemic change through building both businesses and communities. She has also started her own fashion line and serves as the Chairperson of Democrats Abroad China and co-founder of Asian Americans Together.

Pei Yen – Entrepreneur, Start-Up Mentor, President of Shanghai Duke Alumni Association. Pei believes education is the extraordinary work of human development and the soul of all other industries. He is passionate about mentorship and supporting others through angel investment.

JULY·31st #thefutureof [STORYTELLING]

“THE SIX 六人泰坦尼克号上的中国幸存者


(Saturday) 4:00 pm