september, 2021

11sep(sep 11)11:30 am18(sep 18)10:30 pm【SEP·11-18】墨西哥文化月特别菜单 M ON THE BUND x MEXICAN MONTH


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从9月11日到18日,我们将提供传统的墨西哥地区特色菜 — 详情请参阅海报。提前预定一个露台桌位吧!

¡Estamos muy contentos de haber sido invitados a participar en el MES DE MÉXICO EN SHANGHAI, celebrando el Día Nacional de México!

Serviremos especialidades tradicionales mexicanas en nuestro menú del 11 al 18 de septiembre – vea el folleto para más detalles. ¡Recomendamos reservar su mesa con antelación!

We’re very pleased we’ve been invited to participate in the MONTH OF MEXICO IN SHANGHAI, celebrating Mexican National Day!

We’ll be serving traditional regional Mexican specialities on our menu from September 11th to18th – see the flyer for details. Bookings recommended!

Dear Mexican Community and Friends of Mexico:

In 2021, Mexico commemorates 211 years of the start of its Independence War and the 200th Anniversary of its Independence.  This year, Mexicans living in Eastern China will once again be celebrating our National Day with online and offline events that for the second consecutive year will create the “Month of Mexico”, a season to embody the joy that characterizes our country in the world.2021年是墨西哥人民纪念墨西哥独立战争的211周年,也是墨西哥宣布独立的200周年。与去年一样,居住在中国东部的墨西哥人将通过线上线下一系列庆祝活动,在九月“墨西哥文化月”,向世人展现墨西哥热情积极的民族魅力。
Present sanitary regulations have stopped us from having an official celebration as big, inclusive and colorful as we would’ve liked, but we continue adapting to the circumstances and joining efforts with individuals, restaurants and organizations to make available a diverse agenda of cultural, entrepreneurial, social and sports events that hope to bring us a bit closer to our dear country, and bring the Consulate General of Mexico closer to all of you.由于相关卫生条例的限制,我们无法像预期那样举办丰富多彩的大型官方庆祝活动,但我们会根据当前情况适当调整,与个人、餐厅及各方组织共同努力,制定涵盖文化、商业、体育和社会方面相关的活动日程,让我们能够更加亲近我们的国家,同时也可以拉近领馆与大家的距离。
First of all, we invite you to join the celebration from wherever you are in Eastern China with a loud and proud “¡Viva México!. Check out the call for this activity here.首先,我们诚邀您加入我们,一起高呼”墨西哥万岁”(“Viva México“),无论您身在何处,都可以通过这炙热而动人的呼喊来参与庆祝活动。具体活动信息请参照此处
We’ll also hold a series of conferences with Spanish-speaking experts on relevant topics for Mexican people and Spanish speaking friends.我们还将与讲西班牙语的专家就墨西哥人民和讲西班牙语的朋友们感兴趣的相关话题举行一系列会议活动。
On Sunday September 26th, two friendly football matches will see the female and male teams of Mexican residents in Shanghai go against male team from Jiao Tong University and the Spanish female team. Don’t miss the chance to support our teams! 此外,在9月26日星期日将举行两场足球友谊赛,分别是由上海墨西哥男队对战来自交通大学的男队以及由上海墨西哥女队对战来自西班牙的女队。快来支持你的球队吧!
Finally, we thank our local friends who have atender the call of the Consulate and will be celebrating the Month of Mexico in Shanghai in diverse ways. Check out the events and special promotions at the end of this post (in chronological order): 最后,特别感谢热烈响应墨西哥驻上海总领事馆活动的参与者们,他们将以各种丰富的形式与我们一起庆祝上海墨西哥月。在此,我们向大家隆重介绍以下墨西哥餐厅为庆祝文化月精心准备的特色美食和多彩活动,邀您共享墨西哥的美食盛宴(按时间顺序):

We hope that you enjoy the Month of Mexico as much as we’ve enjoyed preparing for it.我们很开心能为大家举办墨西哥文化月活动,也希望大家可以享受墨西哥文化月。


Lorena Larios RodríguezCónsul General | 墨西哥驻上海总领事馆总领事


11 (Saturday) 11:30 am - 18 (Saturday) 10:30 pm