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七夕之夜与爱人相约米氏西餐厅, 霓虹天空下尝美食、品美酒, 浓情蜜意, 共赴浪漫!


* 七夕情人节当天在米氏西餐厅和魅蓝用餐的情侣,可得特供玫瑰花一支。

A night for star-crossed lovers…Woo your special someone on the most romantic night of the year on the most gorgeous terrace in the city. 

Join us on the seventh night of the seventh moon with your loved one. Celebrate your Qixi in the most romantic of settings with a 5 course dinner for 688rmb per person

or spoil your love with a wine pairing for 988rmb per person.

* A gorgeous rose from Wedding Museum will be given to all couples dining at M this Qixi…