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Join us for our New Lunch Menu at M on the Bund for the most glamourous meal in Shanghai! 

Chef Hamish has been busy searching for Shanghai’s freshest and tastiest ingredients to serve you this month… with even more choices than ever it might be tough deciding which delicious dish to dine on.

New Lunch Dishes at M

Lightly seared Yellow Fin Tuna with a salad of green beans… 金枪鱼配四季豆,水瓜榴,黑橄榄,番茄及鹌鹑蛋

A Pork and Foie Gras Terrine with fig jam and Melba’s toasts… 鹅肝杂肉冻配无花果酱及黑麦脆面包

Eggs Royale with lightly cured Salmon, gruyere cheese… 炒蛋配腌三文鱼,芝士,芝麻菜及黄油面包

Fans of Roasted Cauliflower ~ 烤花菜配芝麻酱,开心果,芥末苹果及石榴

M on the Bund Burger… 鹿肉芝士汉堡

Cold Lemon Soufflé 冻柠檬蛋奶酥