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回想彼时的我们,可能正在泰国享受阳光、沙滩、鸡尾酒,或者在法国某个小镇餐厅享受着星级美味,又或者刚在圣莫里茨滑完雪后灌下一杯烈酒… 不能出城凡尔赛的我们,是不是更应该欢聚一堂,激情四射地辞旧迎新,痛痛快快地闹新春吗!




We’re here to make sure you have a great start to the Year of the OX ! We decided if we can’t be tossing back Mai Tai’s in Thailand, eating Foie Gras in France or sipping Schnaps after skiing in St. Moritz we’d much rather be doing what we love most – delivering delightful, delicious & d’lovely delicacies in our gorgeous Bund restaurant… 

SO after 22 years, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, M ON THE BUND is open every single day through Chinese New Year! 

We have created two CNY Sharing Menus for groups of 6 or more available from FEB 8th – FEB 18th, so bring your friends, your family, your pals, your loved ones or your colleagues to feast… 

A la carte options are also available if you prefer more intimate gatherings…