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 金秋时节,魅蓝酒吧经理 James 为米氏西餐厅也精心调制了一系列新品鸡尾酒。口味精妙,绝对值得期待~ 
We have some delectable new cocktails at M on the Bund created by James, our new manager at Glam.

Nordes Basil Smash 香水有毒
Simple and refreshing…
our Nordes Basil Smash hits the spot 

Gin Berry  金梅子
For the berry lovers out there,
you must try our Gin Berry cocktail
… fruity and delicious 

Holiday 假日
Let us take you on a Holiday with this cocktail
… infused with lemon leaves, lemongrass,
ginger and chilli, you will be transported
to a far away beach in no time! 

Secret Tea 茶之秘
Afternoon tea for 2?
Try our Secret Tea concoction…
Rum infused with Black Tea, Chartreuse
and Fresh Lime Juice
served with our famous macaroons…

SH Camus Car 上海边车

The Kitchen 厨师推荐