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即将步入温馨而欢乐的年终庆典季,就让我们从”感恩节“开始吧~ 11月26日周四,大厨 Hamish一定会忙着给火鸡刷橄榄油,制作蔓越莓酱,烤南瓜派… 所以,来米氏西餐厅表达感谢吧!一边欣赏外滩-浦江-陆家嘴天际线,一边大快朵颐您的感恩节大餐。
而这仅仅只是庆祝季的开始,如果您正在筹备年终派对,庆祝实现了2020的目标,甚至战胜了2020… 或者只是想与同事、好友、家人共聚一堂,享用一顿有趣的晚餐,我们都能为您提供完美的解决方案! 
The Celebration Season starts soon, kicking off with THANKSGIVING – Thursday, November 26th, Chef Hamish will be busy basting Turkeys, saucing Cranberries and baking Pumpkin Pies, so come and give thanks in the most glamorous of spaces – M, of course!
But that is just the start of the celebration season, so whether you’re planning an end of year office party, beating 2020 targets… beating 2020… or festive get-togethers with colleagues, friends or family or just a fun dinner because you can, we have the solution for you!
We’ve designed a selection of delicious menus for tables of 8 people or more, starting from 295rmbper person for Lunch and 495rmb per person for Dinner – great value for money!
All our Celebration Menus start with complimentary cocktails and are available from late November right through until Chinese New Year.