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~ 3 Years Anniversary ~
Sunday, November 8th, 12:00pm – 3:00pm
周日, 十一月八日, 中午12:00至下午3:00


时光如梭,大厨 Hamish Waddel 精心设计、独具创意、每月一次的素食盛宴已举办近三年了。为了庆祝这一里程碑,大厨将为大家带来迄今为止最绿色、最美味、最令人垂涎欲滴的菜单… 11月8日的纯素食早午餐将在米氏西餐厅进行,赶快预约一个抢手的靠窗座位吧!

Three years goes by far too quickly! In celebration of this milestone, Chef Hamish is serving us the greenest, tastiest and mouth-wateringly delicious menu yet… Vegan brunch will be served at M on the Bund on Saturday, November 8th, so book early to snag those ever so popular window tables…

* 由于纯素食早午餐为分享式菜单,两位起订。
The vegan brunch is a sharing menu, for this reason it is served to a minimum of two people.

请在预约早午餐时注明选用纯素食菜单, 以便大厨准备充足的食材,谢谢!
Chef Hamish likes to make sure there’s plenty of food for everyone, so please let us know you’re joining us for the vegan brunch when you reserve your seats… we can’t wait to see you!



三年前,我有幸与来自香港知名素食餐厅“豆苗居”的Peggy Chan携手合作 ,推出了“快闪素宴”并大获成功,得到了食客们的一致好评。继而,每月举办一次纯素食早午餐便成为了米氏西餐厅的传统。
Three years ago I had the privilege of collaborating with Peggy Chan from Hong Kong’s famous Grassroots Pantry, the event was such a success that it continued as a monthly tradition for M Restaurants.

自2017年以来,米氏的厨师团队创意并烹制出了数百种纯素且无麸质的美味菜肴。由于忠实客户们赞不绝口,许多素食菜肴已经固定成为米氏西餐厅和魅蓝菜单上的经典菜品。大家对纯素食早午餐的喜爱也让我们在去年That’s Shanghai杂志颁发的餐饮业奖项中,荣获了”年度最佳纯素食和素食主义概念”奖。
Since 2017, the M kitchen team has cooked up hundreds of vegan & gluten free dishes, and due to the praise of loyal customers, many have become staples on our menus both at M Glam and M on the Bund. Due to the popularity of our vegan dishes, in 2019 we received the “That’s Shanghai” food award for the “Best Vegetarian and Vegan concepts”. 

At M restaurants, we are proud to use sustainable produce wherever we can, knowing this action helps create a greener way forward in the industry and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this. 


I’m thrilled that after our collaboration 3 years ago, M Restaurants are still hosting monthly vegan brunches. 

感谢你们能想起我,也感谢米氏在实践低碳环保上的不懈努力。越来越多的人开始认识到全球的粮食系统已在崩溃边缘,本应协助农民种植干净优质的粮食,为大众提供更多有营养的食物;实际却走上了错误的道路 — 让便宜的食物变得更便宜,并损害着人类和地球的健康。如果说,这次疫情是否在向我们启示着什么 — 那就是,如果我们持续开发地球的资源,把动物当作普通商品来对待,我们必然会在未来几年经历更多的病毒爆发。我们应该抓住这个契机,从现在开始提升技能,装备更多的知识和技术,致力于改善我们星球的未来,并更有意识、更健康地消费。
Thank you for thinking of me and for your continued work towards helping lower our carbon footprint. I think more and more people are recognizing that our food system is severely broken and the subsidies that should be going to help farmers grow good clean food so to better feed our communities more nutritiously, are actually going to the wrong places – making cheaper foods become ever more cheaper, and damaging to both our health and the health of our planet. If there’s any indication to what this pandemic has shown us, is that, should we continue to exploit our planet’s resources and treat animals as plain commodities, we will be bound to experience more virus outbreaks in the years to come. There is no better time to upskill, equip ourselves with knowledge and know-how that will help better our planet’s future, and to consume more consciously and nutritiously.