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魅蓝每个月都会推出别出心裁的鸡尾酒特调,吧台里的“三剑客” Peter,Harry,Vincent 各展神通,调制出口味层次丰富的创意鸡尾酒,酸甜苦辣尽在其中,必有一款适合您!

As the heat starts creeping in, our 3 sexy bartenders have created some new summer refreshments to cool you right down. 

For the Margarita lovers out there, try Peter’s “Salty Maggie”, the perfect summer pick-me-up, and made frozen of course. Ice-tea lovers look no further, Harry’s “Sex on the Peach” has a whisky hit and a fruity after taste that you just can’t ignore. And you’d find a delicious popsicle in Vincent’s “Passion Pop”, you can eat it straight away or let it melt and become a fancy MIMOSA! Happy summer everyone! 

Peter’s “Salty Maggie

Harry’s “Sex on the Peach” 

Vincent’s “Passion Pop