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What could be better than eating Glam’s new delicious menus (see below…) from beautiful sexy plates exclusively designed by the infamous 杜可风 Du Kefeng for M Restaurants
What’s even better? Well, you can take a set of plates home with you!
Perfectly packaged for that special gift or keep them for yourself to show off your own fabulous food & creations.  

Glam’s new winter deals are launching tonight! We have two gorgeous menus on offer and both are for sharing… we’re spoiling you for choice! 

一口暖心暖胃的浓汤打开味蕾,三款开胃菜让你渐入佳境,主食可选鲜美绝伦的烩海鲜配藏红花烩饭或者鲜嫩多汁的火扒阿根廷牛菲力,搭配可口的配菜,最后以米氏经典甜品收尾… 繁忙都市里,结束一天的工作后与好友分享一段如此精致的美食体验,是否显得格外美妙呢?
Our first menu has a choice of Soups, three different starters to share, options of Seafood or Beef, a couple of sides and luscious Dessert, we’ll keep you full, satisfied & warm you to the core…

If you really want to go the whole hog, we have an Ah-mazing Tomahawk Deal, just perfect for 2 to 3 people. With M’s teacups of Clam Chowder to start, Crispy Squid, that huuuuge Tomahawksides to share and our super-famous Pavlova, we’ll be rolling you out the door!

杜可风 Christopher Doyle 
经由兵设计 Bing Design 

Glam’s gorgeous tableware… 
Artwork exclusively created by 
Christopher Doyle (aka. Du Kefeng
for M Glam Shanghai
plates designed by Bing Design 
and ONLY available at M Restaurants.