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火舞艳阳的日子里,我们需要几道口感清爽的解暑佳肴~ 魅蓝夏季晚餐菜单中新加入了小龙虾冷面,杏仁葡萄冷汤,水牛炸鸡翅和香炸墨西哥胡椒填馅山羊芝士球等等… 这些美味爽口的菜品必能令你胃口大开。更重要的是… 请务必为我们的全新上市的特选芝士预留足够空间 —  美味如斯,您值得拥有!

We’ve been busy in the kitchen creating some refreshing dishes to help you cool off in this scorching summer heat. Glam’s new summer menu includes fresh additions such as a Cold Noodle and Crawfish salad, Buffalo Crispy Chicken Wings and Spicy Fried Jalapeno Peppers stuffed with Goat Cheese… to name just a few. What’s more, Garlic, Chili and Honey Pizza has made it onto our Glam Menu… however make sure you save room for our new Cheeses – they’re not to be missed!

Cool down with ‘Andy’s Salad’: Cold noodles and Crawfish with Snowpeas and Chili…
Traditional Ajo Blanco
a delicious almond soup, served cold!
Oaxacan style mango and Chili salsa with corn chips and smoked Avocado – Vegan AND Gluten free!
The kind of summer heat we like: Spicy Fried Jalapeno Peppers stuffed with Goat Cheese…
It’s hard to resist our Buffalo Crispy Chicken Wings~
Warm Orzo salad with flaked Lamb, Olive, Tomatoes and Herbs…  A real treat for your taste buds…