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This illustrated talk will explore the way that the families of two children who would go on to become leading twentieth century novelists became swept up in the dramatic events of 1900. It will also look at what some letters to a New York literary agent from Pearl Buck and Lao She, which are held at an archive in New York, reveal about the interactions between the two in the 1940s. This will be a sequel of sorts to a talk on Buffalo Bill and the Boxers that the same presenter gave at M in 2016, but no familiarity with that presentation or with the events of the Boxer Crisis or the lives of Pearl Buck and Lao She will be presumed.



Where: Glam, No.5 The Bund (corner of Guangdong Lu) 广东路20号(外滩5号)7楼
When: 16 Sep 2018 – 4 pm
Tickets: 85 RMB / 40 RMB