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魅蓝艺术墙 The Wall at Glam 将再次与 Suzhou Cobblers 合作,设计师兼店主黄梦琦以杜可风为魅蓝创作的艺术装置为灵感,制作出一系列限量新品鞋包。本次展览的揭幕派对将于11月9日晚举办,敬请期待。

After a massively successful collaboration with Suzhou Cobblers in 2016, we are thrilled that Denise Huang is joining us again with another exciting range of limited edition shoes & bags inspired by one of Glams  favourites, Christopher DoyleThe Wall at Glam will display Suzhou Cobblers creative designs until the end of this year.

设计灵感 | Design Inspiration

时常想起电影《花样年华》里的场景,那些涌动的光影和扑朔迷离的美至今无法忘怀。有这样一个机会,可以将《花样年华》的摄影师杜可风(Christopher Doyle)的艺术作品融入到我自己的设计,当然是很荣幸的,并非常乐意接受这个有趣的挑战。


Perhaps best known for his work on films like “In the Mood for Love,” artist and cinematographer, Christopher Doyle, has been an inspiration for Suzhou Cobblers designs for many years. When GLAM offered me the chance to incorporate his work into designs for my handbags and shoes, I jumped at the opportunity. It is an honor and a pleasure to embrace this challenge.

The Glam Girls that welcome guests at the entrance are at once beautiful and whimsical. A gorgeous lady’s hair is replaced with mussels; a Qipao is filled out by a salad of vegetables. Such rich and colorful imagery creates a world of possibility… one I look forward to sharing with everyone at the opening party on November

产品面料 | Product Material


The hand-made shoes and handbags displayed on ‘The Wall at Glam’ are very unique and all specially produced with material by Waste2Wear. Shanghai-based Waste2Wear makes environmentally friendly fabrics from plastic bottles.

快闪店 | Suzhou Cobblers x Glam Girls Pop Up 

魅蓝艺术墙揭幕酒会当日,Suzhou Cobblers会在魅蓝的私人包厢内设置快闪店,大家将有机会直接购买限量款鞋包。

We will set up a small pop-up shop in our glamorous private room & will be selling a limited supply of the bags and shoes from this line. We look forward to seeing you all at the launch party, if you don’t come you might just miss out!


Denise HUANG Meng Qi 黃夢琦


Shanghai-born designer Denise Huang produces Chinese slippers, shoes, handbags, hats and clothing that recall her hometown’s stylish roots.

Suzhou Cobblers


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– Photo by Gràinne Quinlan