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X’MAS, NEW YEAR, Celebrations… 

The Festive Season is almost here!


2020渐入尾声, 2021正在向我们招手…


整个12月,米氏西餐厅都将提供圣诞季特别菜单,午餐、早午餐、下午茶、晚餐… 您都能品尝到圣诞节的专属美味。

Throughout December we’re serving celebration menus for LunchBrunchAfternoon Tea & Dinner.

美味的火鸡,温馨的氛围… 米氏年终庆典季将从感恩节晚餐开始预热… 让我们用温热的美食伴您度过这个冬季。
But first we’re starting by Talkin’ Turkey for Thanksgiving… and not long after that we’re talkin’ turkey all over again, glazing hams, baking Christmas puddings, mincin’ pies, puttin’ up the trees, spicin’ up the wine and fillin’ up on ginger bread… you get the picture! 
米氏圣诞季双人下午茶套餐典藏了所有令人迷醉的专属美味 — 松脆的姜饼,用料十足的米氏自制干果甜面包,圣诞树洞蛋糕,火鸡及火腿三明治… 当然还有我们最为经典的英式烤松饼和米氏水果奶油蛋白饼,以及各式精选茶。
Our Christmas Afternoon Tea has all the classics that we love to indulge on this time of year – crunchy ginger bread, rich marzipan filled stollen, chocolaty yule-log, turkey and ham sandwiches… of course we haven’t forgotten our classic scones and Pavlova and steaming pots of tea…

We’ll be celebrating Christmas every day this December so drop in for an afternoon pick-me-up anytime from 2.30-4.30pm

And for December 24 & 25 & 26 & 27 we’re going the whole hog… serving up 4 days of our beloved Christmas BrunchAfternoon Tea & Dinner menus… BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL!
Join us for one or all four days, after all it’s only at this special time of the year that you get to feast on these festive delights…