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This is a repost of EGRC’s 

acknowledgement of the support 

of Mentor Walks Shanghai…

I’m very proud of starting the Mentor Walks movement in China nearly 10 years ago. Not only has it offered many women support in making changes in their lives, making career moves and making choices large and small, it has also created a web of friendships and camaraderie that is priceless. I’m extremely proud of it remaining a totally voluntary organization which has incurred no running costs at all and has donated over 200,000 RMB to EGRC since 2016. This amount has supported many high school girls over the years.

– Michelle Garnaut AO

Mentor Walks will recommence March 2022!

If you’d like to join us for a walk please follow our official M on the Bund or M Glam WeChat account or the account of any of the Shanghai Mentor Walks partners. Sign up for mentees opens approx 2-3 weeks before the next month’s walk

乡村女学生教育,EGRC 全称 Educating Girls of Rural China, 致力于帮助中国偏远贫困地区的乡村女学生获得受教育的机会。自2005年至今,EGRC已资助超过1600名来自甘肃省和贵州省偏远农村地区的女学生完成高中或大学学业。

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