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米氏文学节 #LITFEST2020 Pre-reading List – Part 2

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Baby its cold outside! All the more reason to stay home and get lost in a book. Here is a second peak at the authors we have lined-up for the 2020 Shanghai International Literary Festival, along with new additions to your reading list.


For the historian…

Caroline Moorehead – A HOUSE IN THE MOUNTAINS. Four Italian women fight German occupation during World War II in this biography written by Moorehead, a recipient of the Order of the British Empire.

For the scientist…

Robyn Arianrhod – THOMAS HARRIOT: A LIFE IN SCIENCE. Australian science writer and mathematician Arianrhod gives credit where credit is due in this biography of Thomas Harriot, a forgotten man of astronomy, mathematics, and navigation.

For the hometown crowd…

Jin Yucheng – 回望 (LOOKING BACK). Having won the Mao Dun Literature Prize for his book Blossoms, Shanghainese writer Jin is back to tell the story of his parent’s lives and the story of a generation. 

For the French linguist…

Alma Brami – QUI NE DIT MOT CONSENT (SILENCE IS CONSENT). The latest novel by Hong Kong-based author Brami takes a look behind closed doors at a woman falling into a worsening marriage.

For the business minded…

Paul Ross – BARRIERS TO ENTRY. Ross, a telecommunications industry executive, draws from more than decade of experience to share his wisdom on foreigners working in and adapting to Chinese corporate culture.

For the gardener…

Alison Hardie & Duncan Campbell – THE DUMBARTON OAKS ANTHOLOGY OF CHINESE GARDEN LITERATURE. The co-editors will launch their book at our Festival. The Anthology is an English compilation of over 2,000 years worth of writings about Chinese gardens and landscape. In preparation, check out The Craft of Gardens: The Classic Chinese Text on Garden Design, translated by Hardie. 

The full programme will be released on February 15th and tickets will be exclusively sold on our website. Our headliner sessions move fast so make sure to bookmark the ones you’re dying to see and act quickly once tickets go on sale.

米氏文学节 #LITFEST2020 Pre-reading List

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With the Chinese New Year holiday coming up, it’s a great time to grab a book and get excited for the 2020 Shanghai International Literary Festival. Preview the authors we have in store for this year and cozy up with one (or a few) of their books: 


For the history buffs…

Katya Knyazeva – SHANGHAI OLD TOWN: THE WALLED CITY. Knyazeva takes a stroll back in time on the streets of old Shanghai and tells the stories of the city’s former inhabitants. 

For dystopia lovers…

Chen Qiufan (Stanley Chen) – THE WASTE TIDE. An environmental dystopian sci-fi, Chen’s book centers on electronic waste recycling, in a landscape he based on real experiences from his hometown in Shantou, Guangdong. Themes of class struggle, bioweapons, and waste fill the novel. 

For those with an aesthetic eye…

Kassia St. Clair – THE SECRET LIVES OF COLOR. Dive into the history, symbolism, and significance of colors. St. Clair explains the importance color has to humans.

For those who cross cultures…

Elisa Shua Dusapin – THE PACHINKO MARBLES. Shua Dusapin is of Korean and French decent, and uses her international perspective in her award winning prose.

For the ones who love BAIJIU…

Derek Sandhaus – BAIJIU: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO CHINESE SPIRITS. As the educational director of Ming River Baijiu, Sandhaus has the tough job of sipping and savoring local spirits to become an expert on China’s much-loved national drink, Baijiu. The world’s most consumed alcohol has never looked so exciting, as we are introduced to the development and birth of grain-based alcohol. 

For people who love dinosaurs… 

Michael Benton – THE DINOSAURS REDISCOVERED. Benton shares the leaps in paleontology that have brought us closer than ever to the creatures that once ruled the Earth. 

The full programme will be released on February 15th and tickets will be exclusively sold on our website. Our headliner sessions move fast so make sure to bookmark the ones you’re dying to see and act quickly once tickets go on sale. 


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The weather outside is frightful, but we’re keeping it warm at M on the Bund this winter & keeping your tastebuds amused with our 5 course Tasting Menu

For the best experience, opt for our perfectly paired wines from our award winning wine list… 


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We’ve got the cold weather sorted with Glam’s new winter cocktails… served HOT of course!

Our ‘Zesty Apple Crumble’ hits that Christmas sweet spot, a perfect mix of cloudy apple cider, a few herbs and spices & soured honey. 

We want to date our ‘Wanna Date’ cocktail, made with Maker’s Mark, fresh passionfruit & fresh dates, all mixed together with a whole lotta LUUURRVV…

Last, but certainly not least, Lucy and Harry have created ‘A Bloody Good Mulled Wine’ for the adventurous ones, served with goji berries, rosemary and a little bit of chilli, want to know the twiset? This mulled wine is served with BEEF (sorry vegetarians!

Don’t trust us? Come and try it and you can be the judge…


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The 2020 Shanghai International Literary Festival dates have been set! 

The 2020 Shanghai International Literary Festival is HAPPENING! 

Mark your calendars for

February 28 – March 9.

Stay tuned for more information in January…

and always check our WeChat for the latest!


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M on the Bund’s new 20 year specials are catered to the cooler climate to warm you up and give that cozy feeling. We’re getting the festive season started with our rich roasted Chestnut soup and feasting on the ever so moorish Fesenjan – a truly divine dish… 

Finish it all off with a warm Rum Baba and maybe a hot toddy or two in Glam…

WE WON! 米氏西餐厅荣获”最佳独立餐厅葡萄酒酒单” CHINA WINE LIST AWARDS 2019

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We are the proud recipients of “The Best Independent Restaurant List” for the 2019 China Wine List Awards! Whether you’re looking for a gutsy Spanish Rioja or a subtle Pinot Noir from California, we’re happy to stock something for everyone.




M on the Bund



A big thank you to Rui Leow for consulting us on the Wine Selection, and to our Sommelier Johnny Zhang for countless wine tastings and the hard-work in creating the menu! 

米氏西餐厅最新出炉”亲友共享菜单” M ON THE BUND’S NEW SHARING MENU

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金秋时节,米氏为您带来了浓香四溢的大份饕餮拼盘,是您与亲朋好友共享盛宴的完美选择~ 大份米氏经典脆皮烤乳猪,分量十足的威灵顿牛肉,一整只填馅烤鸡以及1.3公斤的战斧牛排大盘的满足感赶紧来体验一下吧!

SHARING IS CARING ~ There’s no need for food envy with M on the Bund’s new sharing dishes… Now everyone can try a taste! 

Have a family-style meal with our Whole Roasted Chicken, Crispy Suckling Pig, Beef Wellington and a whopping 1.3 Australian Tomahawk perfectly portioned for the table. Who doesn’t love a huge platter?! 


“美味在线”魅蓝全新晚餐菜单上市 EAT AT ‘GLAM EATS’

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GLAM EATS 是魅蓝最新上线的全新概念晚餐菜单,与米氏西餐厅同系一厨,由行政总厨 Hamish Waddel 亲自创意设计的融合系美食盛宴。


Are you as excited for Glam’s new dinner menu as we are? We can’t wait for you to try these delicious new dishes. 


you won’t be disappointed!

魅蓝全新晚餐菜单即将上市 EAT AT ‘GLAM EATS’

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魅蓝全新推出GLAM EATS晚餐菜单!

GLAM EATS Caviar and Salmon roe, 

GLAM EATS Vegan & Gluten Free Delights, 

GLAM always EATS desserts, 


GLAM EATS 与米氏西餐厅同系一厨,毗邻而居。是以提供摩登融合风味美食为主的时尚休闲餐厅。优雅的环境,轻松的氛围,可纵观外滩历史建筑群的用餐区,让您在繁忙都市里,尽享一刻慢时光。

We are delighted to present GLAM EATS, our new dining concept that will leave you feeling very full. Come try our new dishes of Roasted ChickenToasted Soldiers and a delicious Beef Platter

Whether you are just feeling peckish, or starving, you can choose something small or something BIG! With any main dish, comes a choice of a cheeky side… sound like the perfect excuse to take yourself out for a GLAM EATS dinner…


Cool Smokey Eggplant dip with 

hot Jalapeño poppers and warm flat bread


Beluga Caviar & salmon roe

on coddled egg with toasted soldiers


Roasted Chicken with sriracha aioli,

Cajun spices & herbed gravy



Beef Platter ~ Tenderloin & Cheek

with beef chili sauce  and sourdough

米氏经典色拉 & 黑松露土豆泥

M’s House Salad & Truffled Mashed Potato


Buffalo style Fried Chicken Wings,

 blue cheese Mayonnaise